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What a great job you did for us. Wow, a personal thanks from me and also a thanks from ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) pride members. I received many chats and emails from people that were on the call, ALL saying how great you are and how much they enjoyed today’s topic and delivery. I wanted to share a few comments:

  • WOW…Rebecca is so knowledgeable. I cannot wait to call her for an appointment.
  • Alfred, I want to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to Rebecca Covell’s advice. She was clear, concise and direct…and had a sense of humor! This is valuable information that should be shared. She was a wonderful speaker and thank you so much for having her present to our community. Thank you!
  • That was wonderful. Thank you so much!
  • Thanks for today. This was great!!!
  • Alfred, WOW! What an outstanding call. This month’s Membership Meeting call with featured speaker Rebecca Covell, esp. during the Q&A, had such a positive impact for our ADP Pride membership. I was particularly moved by the question on how one could contribute to the whole “Legal Landmines for LGBT Couples” discussion, and Rebecca’s response was powerful and spot-on!

– Alfred

“Rebecca came to one of our company’s resource group’s meetings to discuss the legal needs that people and couples need. She was so knowledgeable and informative. So, we used her for our legal needs soon afterwards. She guided us through the process with such ease and at a great price. Over the years, we're used her for our continued legal needs and have always been highly satisified. We’re glad to have one of the best lawyers in the country on our side.”

– Patrick G.

“I contacted Rebecca through a mutual friend and she was everything I expected. She is very professional, personable and trustworthy. I plan on using her in the future for estate planning purposes.”

– Bob D.

“I have worked with Rebecca on a professional level as an IT consultant. Rebecca is always easy to work and has a great work ethic. As a self-employeed IT consultant, I always appreciate the timely manner in which Rebecca responds to invoices.”

– Clint S.

“I was impressed by Rebecca’s breadth of knowledge, speed and efficiency, as well as her additional resources if I were to need other legal assistance. My documents were in perfect order upon my arrival which made my experience working with Rebecca feel seamless, non stressful and simple.”

– Cindy H.

“This is bar-none the best service I’ve ever received from a lawyer. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.”

– Michael C.

“Before we came to see Rebecca, we had hired another attorney who advertised in The Voice, claiming he could prepare wills and Powers of Attorney for non-married couples. However, what we got were delays and useless documents that did not protect our rights as a gay couple. He did not provide assistance with administering the oaths or notarizing the documents, either!

We obtained Rebecca’s assistance to prepare our wills and Powers of Attorney. She included additional documents to ensure we have visitation rights in case of injury or illness. Rebecca treated us with dignity and respect, prepared all the necessary documents in a timely fashion, and never balked at our request to include language to ensure our pets are cared for in case of our incapacitation or death.

It was like night and day between Rebecca and the other attorney we had previously hired. Rebecca was extremely professional, highly competent, and most of all, caring. We recommend her to everyone!”

– LQ & CE

“I did this with Rebecca the first month I was back in Dallas. My partner of 18 years and I had split and I didn’t want to have the older expectations and responsibilties still be in effect should something happen to either one of us. You were kind and supportive but gave me things to consider. Thank you!”

– Sue B.

“You did a great job for us…greatly appreciate you!”

– Kevin C.

“I feel safer traveling because of the work we did with you. Thank you.”

– Vanessa C.

“I wish everone would have the peace of mind you gave us! Thanks Rebecca!”

– Wendy C.

“You have helped so many good folks with your legal expertise. And you have helped Carolyn & I on numerous occasions, too.”

– Candy M.

“Rebecca makes it really painless! Celia and I have rested easy for years knowing that Rebecca has our family’s interests covered. If you have been hesitating…quit it!”

– Daryn D.

“Thanks Rebecca for helping us with our wills. We are recommending you to a lot of friends and know that this is something that has to be taken care of in advance…talking about crap happens! You can’t wait until something happens and then regret that you never got around to it. GET A ROUND TUIT AND GO TO SEE REBECCA…ASAP”

– Johnny G.